Why is it important to monitor your Internet usage?

It is a common misconception that having "unlimited Internet access" = "unlimited downloads". However this is frequently not the case. One case in point is Comcast Cable, one of the U.S.' largest cable Internet providers:

"The rapid growth of online videos, music and games has created a new Internet sin: using it too much. Comcast Corp. has punished some transgressors by cutting off their Internet service ..."

— Read full article from The Oregonian newspaper.

While many people may never approach the limits apparently set by the provider, in an age of increasing video and music use of Internet resources and the amount of bandwidth this takes, we may well be seeing a lot more of these kinds of reports.

Many DU Meter users, especially parents with teenagers, small business owners and others concerned about overuse of their Internet connection, can benefit from DU Meter's reports tracking monthly usage.