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“I have come to take DU Meter for granted. DU Meter has worked on an evolution of desktop PC's, many hosts, and millions of MB's of traffic over the years, has performed flawlessly, and never let me down. If my logic is correct, DU Meter costs me about .016 cents a day to operate. You might consider raising your prices! My sincere thanks for this great utility.”

— Bob Lund <boblundboblund.com>

“Thanks for such an amazing product. Works great in windows 7 64 bit. No other similar product compares to DU Meter. Thanks again.”

— Daniel Gama <dannyg777hotmail.com>

“I used this software to determine which broadband plan to use with my wireless carrier since they charge based on Mb per day traffic. This easily gaves me that information plus a lot more. The program is straight-forward, simple to use, well thought out, has excellent user interface, has excellent (and rare) reporting, and it's excellent value for the money. Also a good teaching tool for those of us who often explain what goes on between the "black box" and the wall plug..!”

— Craig Allen <craigallensc.rr.com>

“Your product is reccomended by me to all my computer build clients and it is software that I have used on my own systems for many years now! Does exactly what it says on the tin, very useful for maintaining download records if you are worried about hitting download caps with your ISP and the ability to backup usage charts is very handy. Highly reccomended, keep up the good work guys.”

— Stephen Scott <stephenlavacomputers.co.uk>
Owner of Lava Computers UK

“It appears brilliantly simple and is simply brilliant. No one connected to the internet should be without DU Meter.”

— Geoff Flynn <geoff3biasaol.com>

“I found your tool while using the website http://rmse.awardspace.com and I would like to to say that your tool is awesome with lot of features. Excellent Work. If you have an mailing list or newsletter please sign me up.”

— Jose Achada <achada.josegmail.com>

“I as many are paying for internet, and i found out using your product, i was not getting what i was buying. The company that was is no longer, it was sold. now New Vave has it, the other company was Charter. i was getting 30% signal. Now New Wave fixing what that i got. Charter i found out was robbing us. i reported then, later they sold out. It was your product that got them out off here. sorry about my spelling, hard to at this time.thank you jb”

— Jon Burton <beverly79yahoo.com>

“I really like the newer version (4.0). It is now easier than ever for me and the kids to keep track of what's happening on our home computers. Keep up the good work.”

— MICHAEL HORNE <mhorneshaw.ca>

“Downloaded, trialled and upgraded. Very happy with the improvements, especially the automatic visibility option. Will be recommending, particularly to laptop users. Keep up the good work!”

— Peter Tiffin <ptiffinozemail.com.au>

“DU Meter is one of the best programs I have ever bought! :-) I cannot use the Internet without it and have installed it on my memory stick so that I can use it on any pc I use!”

— Brian Buckley <brianblive-radio.net>

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