Assistance Request Form

All common questions from the past few years are covered in our support wiki in detail. This will be the fastest way for you to get the answer you are looking for. If you have a question not covered there, please fill this form in English and you will get an answer from a support technician, normally within 72 hours or less. This form is for assistance with our desktop software only. Our Android software has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

Our developers are interested in learning about every reproducible, specific bug found in our software, but incomplete or inaccurate reports waste valuable time. More bugs will be quashed more quickly if you put in as much relevant detail as you can. (If you're not sure about the relevancy, include the detail). Be as specific as possible. Please make sure that you can reproduce the bug before reporting it.

see "About" from the Help menu in the software
In DU Meter, see "Help|About" menu and then click "System Info"