Why monitoring Internet usage is essential?

Think your "unlimited" Internet connection plan means your can use your Internet connection however you like? Your Internet service provider may have some news for you: overage charges, throttles, chokes and disconnections.

For example, Virgin Mobile policy stated:

You'll be able to use "unlimited" data, but after 5GB/month your speeds will be choked down for the rest of the month.
Most other Internet Service Providers limit their "unlimited" plans in some way: Comcast and AT&T in the U.S., Rogers and Shaw in Canada, and many many others.

The only sensible solution is a network bandwidth monitor. Software like DU Meter will alert you when you're nearing your ISP's monthly cap, allowing you to escape overage charges and other unpleasanties. You may think that your provider's limit is quite generous and you'll never need more than that, but these monthly caps are there for a reason: greedy network providers trying to maximize their profit and many parents with teenagers and small business owners discover that the hard way.

Network bandwidth monitor is a truly essential tool in this age of video and music downloads. Download DU Meter today, you can use it free for 30 days.