Even More DU Meter Rave Reviews

“I am using DU Meter for two years already and it has made all the difference in the world when I show my customers how their mobile connection is performing. I have even solved problematic situations when the data throughput is being questioned, hence facilitatiing the troubleshooting. I recommend you guys whenever I open the application!”

— Juan Arvay <juan.arvaysonyericsson.com>

“Boy, is that GREAT TECH SUPPORT!! Your promptness and helpfulness is the best I have ever encountered from a software company. Thank you. The DU Meter program is great here in Illinois where our only high speed internet connection is wireless from the local grain elevator - line of sight only - and sometimes, we're not sure if the corn has grown too high and is blocking the signal or not!”

— Doug & Carol Maddox <doughdhaol.com>

“I've been using DU Meter for quite a few years (v2.0 onwards)now and have become so used to relying on its confimation of a connection that when I use any other computer without it, I feel blind. It's somewhat like going back to a mouse without a scroll wheel after using one for some time, something noboby would do by choice..... Fantastic little program, always on my list of must have installed.”

— Dennis Tovey <tovizmsn.com.au>

“Very Simple program. Easily setup and small Ram usage only 7,72k. I have tried alot of these programs and this one is so far the best and most user friendly. Thx DU Meter”

— Padaz <thingjr_rizzahotmail.com>

“Congratulations for your program... it's EXCELENT!!! and very,very,very... THANKS for its spanish translation!!!!”

— nick klur <klurubbi.com>

“DU Meter has proved to be an absolutely essential accessory for monitoring my new two way broadband satellite Internet connection and now replaces the 3 Com U.S Robotics Modem Manager previously used to monitor my dial-up connection. I am now using DU Meter full-time to keep a check of the performance including instantaneous and average download/upload speeds of a KU band Vsat terminal and subscription package recently purchased and it has already demonstrated that I have not been obtaining advertised system performance and enabled me to convince the service provider and their local agent that there are system problems that require attention. It has also provided a dramatic real-time display of the effects of throttling imposed when daily download limits are exceeded and has enabled me to limit usage to avoid this". Prior to installing DU Meter the only indication of data transfer was the number of "packets" being downloaded and uploaded on clicking the Windows XP system tray network icon and nothing at all with Windows Millenium. I have just completed the 30 day trial and did not hesitate to purchase DU Meter for permanent use..”

— Dr. Peter Lowenstein <petrelzol.co.zw>

“I would like to add my commendation of the excellent design of DU Meter, and its user friendliness. It admirably meets my principal requirement for the logging of data transfer usage over time.”

— Ray Theis <raytheisboltblue.com>

“Found by accident with seach engine, have been looking for something suitable for ages. What can I say!!! AN AMAZING PIECE OF KIT!!! Just what it says. Easy to install, does everything I require beautifully. Downloaded the free edition and after 10 minutes decided to purchase.”

— Lyn Rider <lynrider007.fsnet.co.uk>

“It's an amazing little program. Uses VERY little RAM/memory. It moniters all of the bandwidth I use, use it on multiple computers and then you can find out how much bandwidth per month you use!”

— Jesse <phillydude49gmail.com>

“A great product and worth every penny. DU Meter does everthing claimed and it is simplicity itself to setup and to use. If, like me, you have a monthly usage limit, and you really want to know where it's going, get DU meter. It will reveal all. It tells me exactly what my system is up to and enables me to monitor my ISP's performance. The total usage logs and alerts are invaluable.”

— Keith Goode <keithgoode3.wanadoo.co.uk>

“I've been using DU Meter for years now and it's one of the most useful utilities in my arsenal. Not only does it allow me to graphically monitor my downstream bandwidth when I'm downloading something and my upstream bandwidth when I'm uploading something, it has also come in handy in detecting that my computer was infected with spyware/adware. When my computer was idle, I could visually see that something was being downloaded without my knowing. I had later found that I had picked up the "Trickler" bug and it was downloading ads in the background. Without DU Meter I may have never known that this garbage found its way onto my hard drive. Every time I reinstall my operating system, DU Meter is always one of the first things that gets installed. I honestly feel lost without it occupying the bottom-right corner of my Windows desktop.”

— Brian Iwaskewycz <adminabcpoolleague.com>

“What a great utility! Now that my ISP has restricted my bandwidth limit per month, with DU Meter, I can keep a perfect record of how much bandwidth I'm using and not worry about going over that limit! Its even got a projected total for the week / month! Definitely worth the money ;)”

— Ashley F. United Kingdom <ash_guard-rosecityyahoo.co.uk>

“I love it! DU Meter is simple and it works. I run it on all my computers and have never had a problem. By watching DU Meter, I can tell if I'm connected to the network and I can see when suspicious activity is occurring.”

— David Reichard <radiodaveigc.org>

“I have used the DU meter ever since its debut on the web. I was into P2P file sharing back when we were all on 28.8 on Hotline. I have never ever seen another product that monitors the activity so well and is logged for later analysis. I have used it to get my cable providers all the traffic info needed when dealing with cable traffic problems. It's a great tool and noone can second guess it. The support group has been wonderfull in providing me a way to update my current version from the previouse 2.0 version with no hick-ups. The software is top notch and is well worth the purchase. Thank you for providing and keeping this software up to date. A+++++++”

— James Reyes <james.reyes1comcast.net>

“Very useful for monitoring Mb upload/download for people with GPRS Laptop Datacards with monthly limits.Without this utility, I would need to write down uploads/downloads everytime I connected or risk a nasty shock at the end of the month! Many many thanks!”

— Simon Clark <simonclark123hotmail.com>

“You can quote me on this if you wish I am emailing you to thank you for your competent DU Meter program. I actually got it off the Volume 34 PC Utilities Magazine cover CD and installed it with a bunch of other programs. I've since reinstalled Windows and out of all those other internet boosters and monitors, DU Meter is the only one I bothered to dig up and reinstall. And it is a very good thing I did that. The exact same day I reinstalled windows XP, I connected to the internet with a new ISP. Sometime that day, I'm not sure when it began, my modem began to transmit and receive data at incredible rates (for a phone modem). It made it so I could not access the internet very well. I've never seen a modem before or since transmit data that fast. I wouldn't have been able to know this was going on except for the graphical display of DU Meter. I saw the modem activity start within 3 minutes of being connected to the internet and began to track down the cause. After force quitting several programs, I discovered it was dllhost.exe and discovered it was a symptom of the Welchia Worm (a Blaster variant). From there it was just a matter of following instructions to get rid of the worm. I never had enough time to turn on the firewall or update windows XP (takes DAYS on a phone modem!). But DU Meter helped me to know what was going on and stop it. Thanks for such a great program.”

— Dale Broadbent <dalewb2hotmail.com>

“I purchased DU Meter 2 some years ago, then upgraded to version 3. DU Meter is always on and running. It's not just a really great piece of software, it's essential software, especially when I spend many hours hooked into the web. The advantages for tuning my system for peer-to-peer work are many. Also very handy for working out which 'Mirror' has the fastest speed for any given file download. It saves much time, as the download speed indication is instant, unlike windows download rate indicator, which ramps-up very slowly. Hagel's DU Meter is a superior program, that I couldn't do without. It's also good value, considering the advantages of using it. Well done to all the guys at Hagel.”

— Stephen N Croft <snc1btinternet.com>

“I live in a rural area of california where broadband internet connections are not available. The modem connection is at times a problem , but I can manage and optimize my Internet on times by viewing my DU meters out put and use it like a speedometer .I can see what my connection is doing and how fast/slow the connection rate is loading. The best thing about the DU meter is that I can observe if the download is working , monitor the progress and tell when it is finished.....WONDERFUL.”

— Jerry Antonetti <jama1cwnet.com>

“After using DU Meter for several years I now find myself lost without it. I am currently running v3.0 with Windows XP to monitor both DSL and dial up connections. Thanks for one of the most useful utilities I have ever used.”

— Bill Vaglienti <vigibillwt.net>

“I love DU Meter... the most awesome (and useful) thing I've put on my PC ever!!! It is invaluable to me, and I could not function without it...”

— Richard Stewart <richardhot-chilli.com.au>
IT Manager - Hot Chilli IT Solutions

“You asked for opinions of DU meter. I find it very helpful to have both the average and instantaneous values shown. I use two way satellite for my Internet connection and it is easy to see when it is performing as wxpected or if there is a problem without having to wait for the system to time out. Version 3.0 with the transparent window is also helpful when I have lots on the screen. I have been a happy user of DU meter for about a year now.”

— Gregory Vederoff <gregelldirecway.com>

“I installed a DSL line two months ago on my XP system and ws wondering what my DL/UL speeds were, your program accurately laid the questions to rest. Its was money well spent. Keep up the good work.”

— Jerry Sapatka Jr. <gsapatkahotmail.com>

“What an excellent application I just got my hands on. Now I can instantly see when and by how much I am up- & downloading. And it even integrates very well with the rest of my desktop too!”

— Jacob K. Hansen <techekmyrealbox.com>

“I am quite happy with the way du meter works... it's one of the best or should i say the best of its kind. When i installed it first i was very unsure about its capabilities and what it can do. But it gave clear results and i came to know about my connection and how much have i utilized it. In carrying out tests on the system/computer, for example, changing the MTU probe, DUmeter helps in displaying the result the best way. It also keeps track of my online time ..well this may not concern any of the broadband users...but for a 56k dial-up access like mine ...it's worth it....thanx...hagel tech.”

— Vishal Shet <vis_us_01yahoo.com>

“Just wanted to say I find Dumeter indispensable. I've used other computers connected to the net which do not use Dumeter - and feel uneasy, as thought I had suddenly become deaf and blind. The visual and audible information provided by Dumeter allows me to judge the state of my internet connection”

— David McFarlane <davidmdial.pipex.com>

“I have been a registered DU Meter user for some time. I just want to say it is one of the most useful utilities I have. I have a (bad) dial-up connection to the Internet, and it is nice to have some indication of what is happening when pages don't download at any appreciable rate., I wouldn't want to be without it.”

— E. A. Grens <eagrecitlink.net>

“I have had DU Meter since way back when, and I could not imagine internet without it. Especially now that I have KaZaA & WinMX, I can exactly control what is running on my interface (ADSL). A really GREAT product.”

— Helmut Neujahr <neujahrht-online.de>

“This is one great product!! We were able to pinpoint our throughput problem within an hour after installing. This was a worthwhile investment!”

— Frank Arnzen <AsteriskAsterisk.Net>

You sofware version 3.0 is a diamon We really love it !! We were using version 2.21 and where expecting such a version for a long time. The transparency is a marvelous. We use it to monitor the trafic of our web site and it is very very usefull. also to monitor Windows 2000 srv activity during all day.
Go ahead !!
We love you.”

— Nicolas Allaire <nicolasfiredeal.com>

“I downloaded DU meter as you do with many freebies you find on the net - for the 30 dat trial period. I didn't know exactly what it did, or if it would be any use! But as soon as it was installed, I noticed that files were being uploaded from my PC at an alarming rate... and I was not even using any of the two file sharing utilities at the time! I have now taken steps to manage this situation more effectively. I use DU meter constantly now; it takes up hardly any space, and it is a valuable tool to monitor online communictions, both intended and un-intended! I shall certainly register and licence the product, and continue to use it regularly. Nice one Hagel Technologies!”

— Robert Staines <Southsidebobbyhotmail.com>

“Great program. I purchased the upgrade for my XP upgrade. Well worth the money. Keep it up!”

— WR Hovland <emailwayneemail.com>

“In the technology marketing department here at our company, we often do demos (both here in our building, at trade shows/conventions, and at customer visits) where it's helpful to show the instantaneous bandwidth use of a given PC. We use DU Meter because it reminds me of xload on Unix - clean, simple, and elegant... and it does the job perfectly.”

— Preston Hunt
Technical Marketing Engineer
major U.S. technology company.

“I have been using the Haim's Netmeter for some time and have found it to be the most useful tool in downloading I could have ever found and I THANK YOU for building it and sharing it with the world. I am setting up a friends new PC and that has lead me to this new site of yours... and again thanks for being”

— Larry M.

“The DU Meter is a GREAT utility!! It has a tremendously accurate readout and I have discovered is NOT simply to monitor downloads. When in voice chats, I am able to determine how my sound card is working. However, for me, the most utilitarion function of the DU METER is when I am being ATTACKED by some clown using winnuke, smurf, jolt, land, port scan, etc.,  that little DU Meter starts blinking and I know what's going on!!!”

— Steve W., USA

“I love this meter! I actually used it with a MTU program to Tweak my system... It's well worth the $10.00 fee.”

— Pete C., USA

“I just wanted to say thank you for both Net Meter and the newer UD Meter software. They are incredibly useful! Keep up the fantastic work!”

— Enrico C.

“I think this program is incredibly cool and useful because it is one of the few out there that does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it extremely well. Microsoft could learn a lesson.”

— Bradley F., USA

“I'm very happy with DU Meter. I've been looking for something simple that keeps track of data flow for some time. Most commercial products seem to concentrate on time and cost or they're overly cumbersome. And I like the fact that it can be customized so well, especially it's sizability. Well Done!”

— Chris H., Australia

“Your web site is very nice and clear, vivid, colorful, but not overdone. It is in excellent taste and quick to load. I just registered DU Meter on- line. It is a terrific program.”

— Don H., USA

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