Download DU Meter 7.x and earlier

Not supported!

DU Meter 7.x and earlier are no longer supported. These downloads are provided as a service for current registered DU Meter users only. Registrations for DU Meter 7.x and earlier are no longer available. If you are a first-time DU Meter user, you are advised to download the latest DU Meter version instead.
Version Download
DU Meter 7.30 DUMeter-Install.exe
DU Meter 6.40 DUMeter-Install.exe

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No-nonsense upgrade policy

If you already have DU Meter 8.x license, all 8.x version upgrades are free. If you bought a DU Meter 7.x license in 2020, 2021 or 2022, your serial number will be accepted by DU Meter 8. Otherwise you need to buy an upgrade, and you're entitled to a significant discount from our current DU Meter price.

For more information, please visit the DU Meter upgrade web page.