26 Oct 2012,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

Internet usage tracking for your home network with DU Meter and dumeter.net

Internet data caps are a sad reality for many Internet users these days, and frankly we hate them as much as you do. These pesky monthly limits are especially troublesome if you have several computers at home. Your Internet provider will of course let you know when you’re over your monthly cap, however they cannot tell you which computer is responsible. From the outside, all computers on your internal home network appear as just one computer, so even if your provider wanted to provide more detailed information, they can not.

One of the key features of our newly-released DU Meter 6.0 is ability to collect Internet usage statistics from several computers, aggregate that data, and present you with the complete view of your Internet usage, across all computers in your home. We needed a central point to collect, store and process all these statistics. Running a dedicated server is not an option for most home users, therefore we created the dumeter.net online service.

In your dumeter.net dashboard you can find clear and simple charts that show daily trends, hourly averages and other important metrics. Detailed daily, hourly and monthly reports are also available, and can be easily saved and printed. Flexible notifications about excessive Internet usage can be sent to your email, posted on your Facebook wall, or sent via Twitter direct message.

If you have a DU Meter 5 license, now is the best time to upgrade. All registered DU Meter 6 users (new and upgrading users alike) who sign up to dumeter.net now will qualify for an unlimited dumeter.net account with no expiration date.