07 Nov 2016,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

DU Meter issues on Windows 10 have been resolved

DU Meter 7.20 resolves issues with Windows 10

Since August 2016, Windows 10 in certain configurations no longer loads device drivers signed by third-party developers, even if these digital signatures are 100% valid and accepted by all other versions of Windows. Only device drivers signed by Microsoft are allowed to be loaded. This change in Windows caused DU Meter driver not to load, and therefore DU Meter stopped working. DU Meter 7.20 contains device drivers properly signed by Microsoft, and it works correctly on all supported versions of Windows now.

Why it took so long to fix this issue?

The reason this relatively simple change took so long is bureaucratic and not technical. Getting Microsoft to sign our drivers involves getting an Extended Validation Code-Signing Certificate, and it all happened at a worst possible time for us: we were in the middle of corporate reorganization and office move. Getting an EV certificate involves stringent corporate identity checks, and we couldn’t pass these till our move is complete. Since multiple organizations were involved (us, Microsoft, our digital certificate provider, Dun and Bradstreet, etc.), we couldn’t even communicate a realistic time estimate for this fix.

We all here at Hagel Technologies are very upset it took so long, and will take steps to ensure that critical updates will be issued at a much faster pace in the future.