02 Aug 2016,
by Alice Allen

Solve DU Meter issues after Windows 10 update

The Problem

A Windows 10 update released in late July, 2016 causes DU Meter to stop working. The symptoms include DU Meter service not running, and DU Meter interface reporting “service data is stale”. We originally thought this was only affecting those not using the latest version, but this does not appear to be the case.

The Solution

If you are using an older version of DU Meter 7, upgrade to the latest version by downloading it from our web site

If you are using the latest version and have now started seeing stale service messages, the upgrade “broke” DU Meter for you as well. Install the latest version again. No need to uninstall first, but if you do — you must reboot before installing the latest version again.

We will be looking into ways to improve DU Meter compatibility and resilience to changes in Windows 10 as introduced by Microsoft.

Update (August 6, 2016)

If you have installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update afresh, and have Secure Boot enabled in BIOS, Windows will require all kernel device drivers to be signed by Microsoft, and DU Meter driver will fail to load. As a temporary workaround, please disable Secure Boot in BIOS.