01 Jul 2012,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

Join our new DuMeter.net service beta test

I’m finally able to share some exciting news about what has been cooking at Hagel Technologies for quite some time. As you probably know, our software DU Meter tracks Internet bandwidth consumption, and helps our users avoid throttling, capping Internet service or even disconnection. However, there is a problem:

Most households and businesses today have more than one computer, but only one shared Internet account. Even if you track Internet usage on each of them with DU Meter, you don’t see what happens to your Internet connection as a whole. We needed a way to combine all that separate DU Meter data into one comprehensive and clear picture.

This is why we created dumeter.net online service (currently in beta testing). DU Meter is able to submit the statistics it collects to dumeter.net, and you can see how your Internet connection is used by all computers connected to your dumeter.net account. In your dumeter.net dashboard you can also find clear and simple charts show daily trends, hourly averages and other important metrics. Detailed daily, hourly and monthly reports are also available, and can be saved and printed easily.

If you are interested, you’ll want to sign up right away! While dumeter.net is in beta testing, anyone who signs up gets one year of free use. You will also get a sneak peak at a pre-release version of DU Meter 6.0, which has to be used to connect your computer with dumeter.net service. If you have purchased DU Meter recently, you will in any case be eligible for a free upgrade to version 6.0 when it is released this fall.

We are very interested to hear what you think about this new service. Bug reports, suggestions, positive or negative comments are all welcome.