What is TweakMASTER upgrade policy and how do I upgrade?

Upgrade to TweakMASTER PRO from TweakMASTER Standard

Customers who obtained a license for TweakMASTER, may also upgrade to the Pro version and get both DU Meter and LinkFox for an additional $15. Just contact us for upgrade details and include your current TweakMASTER registration information.

Upgrade to TweakMASTER 3.0 from an older version of TweakMASTER

TweakMASTER 3.0 is a major upgrade to TweakMASTER 2.x. TweakMASTER 3.0 contains many additions and refinements over the previous version. Please refer to the what's new in TweakMASTER web page for more information.

TweakMASTER 3.0 will not accept serial numbers issued for previous versions of TweakMASTER. Our most recent customers will receive a free upgrade. Other TweakMASTER users who wish to upgrade to version 3.0 should purchase a new license, but for a limited time we are offering generous discounts to current customers. The exact coupon value depends on whether you own a TweakMASTER or TweakMASTER PRO license, how much you paid for it, and when you purchased the license.

Please fill out the TweakMASTER Upgrade web form and receive either a discount coupon or a free registration for TweakMASTER 3.0