TweakMASTER TraceRoute does not reach a particular server, when default Windows traceroute does

If you find traceroute is not reaching a particular server, you may wish to try a different "Traceroute mode" as offered in the Traceroute options. Here is a more indepth explanation:

There are two common methods (algorithms) for implementing TraceRoute: One is used traditionally on unix-like computers, and one is used on Windows. Some sites don't like being tracerouted, and block it via firewall. However, some block only one kind of traceroute and not the other.

Now, TweakMASTER Advanced Traceroute actually supports three gorithms of traceroute: UDP (traditional classic implementation, usually used on unix), ICMP (used by Windows traceroute, most commonly blocked by firewalls) and "Alternative UDP" (like UDP, but works in some cases where regular UDP is blocked by firewall).

When traceroute doesn't reach its destination, and you suspect that the problem is in firewall, and the site is actually up, you change the method… Just go to "TraceRoute Options" and change "TraceRoute Mode" to ICMP, for example.

Other popular traceroute tools may use the same algorithm Windows uses, whereas TweakMASTER uses UDP by default. Our server, for example, blocks UDP traceroute but doesn't block ICMP, so another tracroute tool may succeed where TweakMASTER does not in the default mode.

In most cases (we literally checked hundreds of sites, via custom-written scripts), UDP traceroute proved to be the most reliable overall, so this is the default algorithm in TweakMASTER.