I have a satellite Internet connection. Will TweakMASTER work for me?

Many users have reported great results with satellite connections. In general you should optimize your system as you do for any broadband connection. Setting TCP Receive Window to a very high value in Advanced Optimizations can often give very good results since satellite connections have very high latency.

We did received this comment from a satellite network owner:\ > We recently set up a new Internet via Satellite service for the UK market, during initial testing we were having speed and consistency problems when we connected to the service using a standard 56Kbps modem, we tried for days to resolve the problems, with little success. We decided to give TweakMASTER a try, and what a result. Within a matter of seconds, we had consistently high speeds of over 60KB/s. Thanks TweakMASTER you saved our service!\ Steven Matthews, IPviaSAT.net