What are the optimization strategies used by the TweakMASTER Wizard?

Those strategies will differ greatly depending on the system. TweakMASTER is a smart program and reads your entire configuration and adjusts those options accordingly. Your options will be totally different than someone with a different configuration. Experimentation is the best bet. Try one, reboot and time your downloads, if the improvement is not as hoped, try another one, and so on.

Each time you change the strategy in the wizard, the settings should be at least slightly different. One is often a "safe" setting as many people only run the wizard and may have certain types of connections that are hurt more than helped, so do not be surprised that one strategy or another may have some Windows default settings. Again it depends on the operating system, network cards installed, etc.

To verify the settings being made, simply run the wizard, make a choice and then say "NO" to the reboot prompt, now go to the advanced optimization screen and see what the settings are. Remember, you most likely will have to reboot your system, before any settings changed can take effect. This is a Windows requirement, not ours.