How to uninstall TweakMASTER

TweakMASTER can be completely removed from your computer using standard Windows software uninstall procedure:

  • Open Control Panel, click on "Uninstall a program" (on Windows 7 or Vista) or "Add or remove programs" (on Windows XP).
  • Select TweakMASTER from the list of installed applications and double-click to uninstall it.
  • If you have installed Ask toolbar or DU Meter during TweakMASTER installation, they appear as separate programs on this list of installed software. Double-clicking on their respective entries will uninstall them as well.

NOTE: Uninstalling TweakMASTER will also remove all tweaks and optimizations applied in TweakMASTER! All settings will be reset to their values that were in effect when TweakMASTER was installed on your computer. Obviously any speed benefits or convenient features you gained with TweakMASTER will be erased upon uninstallation. Those are only yours to keep when you register the software.

Until you uninstall it from your system it will keep 'reminding' you to register. That is by design.

If you have made the mistake of deleting the software manually without properly uninstalling it, you will continue to get the registration reminder notices indefinitely. You should never remove any program from your system without properly uninstalling it as described above. If you have done so, please download the program from our web site, reinstall, reset your system to windows defaults to be safe and then uninstall properly.