How to enter the registration information into the software

To register your copy of TweakMASTER 3.x, click on the Enter Serial Number button in the main TweakMASTER window. TweakMASTER Registration Wizard will open. Copy and paste your name and serial number from the order confirmation email you received. You can copy the text in the e-mail by using CTRL+C key combination. To paste the text, use combined keystroke CTRL+V, or right-click in the edit field and choose Paste from the popup menu. Click on the Next button to conclude the registration.

Registering TweakMASTER as installed with TweakMASTER PRO will automatically register DU Meter which is also part of the same installation. It is not necessary to register DU Meter separately if installed with TweakMASTER PRO.

Please be sure you have entered the serial number correctly. If you copy and paste it carefully from your order confirmation email, you should have no trouble. We hope you enjoy using your new software.