How do I tell if my connection is any faster and TweakMASTER is working?

General observations

In order to effectively observe whether TweakMASTER is working for you, you need to objectively measure your data throughput and latency with and without it. You need to measure it from various sources and with various combinations of settings. There is no 'one size fits all' approach that can work, regardless of false marketing claims to the contrary. TweakMASTER will make "recommended settings" using the Wizard, but ultimately experimentation with other combinations of settings is the only way to be sure you are getting the most from your internet connection.

Saving and restoring different sets of settings easily

You can use the various buttons on TweakMASTER's "Advanced Optimization" screen to restore your original settings for comparison sake, or to set your system to Windows Defaults and compare those settings (as those may not be what you had at the outset, depending on what other software you may have installed along the way.) You can easily switch back and forth between Windows Defaults, your original settings, and different sets of TweakMASTER optimized settings (use the Backup button to save various combinations which you try, if you wish). Just remember that each change in the settings necessitates a system reboot before those new settings are in effect. That is a requirement of Windows and no software can get around that.

Measuring throughput

To measure your throughput you can use the Connection Speed Measurement tool which is part of TweakMASTER, or alternatively you can also use our DU Meter software which is part of TweakMASTER PRO bundle. Note that using results from a single speed test is anything but conclusive. You can also visit several web sites you frequent and try to subjectively assert which setting gives you better results. Just remember that network congestion and web site loads change often, so just one or two tests are not conclusive.