I have enabled the Keep Connected function, but I still get disconnected all the time

In order to possibly help the Keep Connected function work better, you can modify the access interval between TweakMASTER's efforts to maintain your ISP connection. Bear in mind, you must UNcheck the 'Random interval' option before you can set a specific access interval. That may help.

Certain ISP's use a proprietary system like AOL to shut users down after periods of inactivity. If your ISP is one of these other than AOL, then TweakMASTER cannot overcome that and keep you connected.

The current release of TweakMASTER Pro only works for ISPs which use generic Disconnect Technology (and this is the vast majority) or specifically AOL users using the current release. If your ISP is MSN or Worldnet.att.net or another that uses proprietary disconnect technology, please check back with us later. We will look at expanding the ISP Disconnect prevention feature for other proprietary ISP's in future releases.

If your ISP is not using some proprietary method of forcing disconnection, your problem probably lies elsewhere. If you are in the middle of a download, data is transferring and that in itself should be enough to keep the connection alive. TweakMASTER wouldn't be able to do anything else beyond that, really, since it's designed to maintain an idle connection. An active connection on the other hand should remain connection by itself. No ISP worth anything at all should disconnect you in the middle of a download. If they do then they have grossly oversold their bandwidth and you should find a new ISP.

Your problem may also lie in a noisy phone line, if you have a dial-up or ADSL connection. That will cause a connection to break. A new modem may help with this. Or a call to telephone repair service. They can check the line noise quotient on your line for you. Another common problem is call waiting. If an incoming call triggers call waiting, if you have that option with your phone company, then that can sometimes cause disconnects.