What is the Windows Hosts file anyhow and where is it on my computer?

TweakMASTER's DNS Accelerator manages a Windows file named Hosts. The file has no extension, unlike hosts.sam and hosts.org which are NOT the same thing. This is a standard Windows file, but normally nearly empty. Windows affords no native way to manage it.

The danger of the Windows hosts file is that, if the DNS name <=> IP address mapping in there is obsolete, it will stop you from reaching the web site that DNS name represents. That is why TweakMASTER employs a proprietary technology to provide a simple and effective way to update this file on a regular schedule.

The Hosts file is normally located in the Windows directory, typically with the path C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. But depending on the operating system it may also be stored in other places.

The easiest way to find it is to go to "Find" on the Windows Start Menu and type in hosts. Windows will locate it for you. If you want to open this file, you can do so with notepad or any text editor. Just drag it in there or use File/Open.