Automatic add feature of the DNS Accelerator checked but it is not working

TweakMASTER's DNS Acceleration feature is designed to add host names to the hosts list from Internet Explorer. This feature will not work with FireFox, Opera, Chrome or other browsers.

In order for this feature to work, you must have the following items checked on the DNS Accelerator Options tab:

  • Enable DNS Accelerator
  • Automatically add host names from Internet Explorer

If TweakMASTER is not adding host names automatically to Internet Explorer, yet you have the feature enabled, this may be due to the following situation:

This feature is dependent on a file called TweakBHO.dll installed with TweakMASTER which passes host names to the DNS Accelerator. This file is integrated into Internet Explorer during the installation process and then it should work as intended. There are certain third party utiltities such as "BHO Cop" which unregister BHO files since these are often used by "spyware" to track IE activity. If you have unregistered TweakBHO.dll, then this feature with the DNS Accelerator cannot work.

Reinstalling the program should fix this, but if you use the BHO Cop utility or something like it again, then the problem will persist. There is only one fix for this: do not use these third party utilities or add TweakMASTER BHO as exception.