Will TweakMASTER help me with my broadband (Cable, DSL or Satellite) connection?

TweakMASTER has been developed specifically for all kinds of broadband internet connections: Cable Internet, ADSL, xDSL, etc. It is able to optimize most types of Internet connections to some extent: some connections leave more room for improvement than the others. Many people have reported astonishing improvements in download speeds using TweakMASTER with cable, DSL and satellite broadband connections. Many of our customers with DSL connections tell us wouldn't be without it. See some of our user comments on our rave reviews page.

If you have a broadband connection like Cable/DSL, you can simply run the TweakMASTER wizard and choose the ADSL/Cable modem option. That option offers many people substantial speeds gains. If you don't get great results from just using the wizard, then you can also try some of the other manual tweaking options.