Compatibility with Anti-spyware programs

Several anti-spyware programs report false alarms about TweakMASTER. DNS Accelerator feature in TweakMASTER changes Windows 'hosts' file which contains IP addresses for known computers. These changes are completely benign and do not pose any threat. They are intended to speed up name conversion from DNS name to IP address.

Unfortunately, many spyware programs also change this 'hosts' file, in order to redirect from legitimate web site to their own, or to deny access to web sites. Therefore any change to 'hosts' file is flagged by anti-spyware systems.

You can either add an exception for TweakMASTER in your anti-spyware software, if possible, or disable DNS Accelerator function. If DNS Accelerator is disabled, TweakMASTER will never touch the hosts file. Note that DNS Accelerator is disabled by default.