Will DU Meter see traffic from VMWare virtual machines?

DU Meter is operating on OSI layer 3 (IP layer). When the VMWare virtual machine is using bridged networking, the bridging occurs on layer 2 (datalink layer), and Windows does not even pass that data to DU Meter. Therefore if you're using bridged networking, bridged traffic not seen by DU Meter unless it is generated locally.

There are several workarounds:

  1. You can use NAT-ed networking in VMWare. Then, the packets will essentially be routed on your host computer, and DU Meter does see routed traffic.
  2. You can change DU Meter to "not filter by IP address". This way, DU Meter will not collect/process network traffic, but will just ask network adapters for aggregate totals, which will include whatever is sent from the VMWare guests.
  3. You can install DU Meter both in the host and in the guests, and use dumeter.net service to get aggregate totals for all computers, physical and virtual.