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How to install DU Meter?

If you are installing an upgrade for a previous installation, it will overwrite the previous installation. There is no need to uninstall first. Installing over the top should insure that the new version recognizes your registration serial number from the previous installation and all the settings are preserved.

If you have purchased DU Meter, you first need to install it. Normally your browser will prompt you to run the installation after the download was completed. If you downloaded it and know where you saved it, simply go to that directory and double-click on the downloaded file in order in install it on your computer. If you downloaded the file and cannot find it, check your computer’s desktop or choose “Find” from the Windows Start menu and type this in: DUMeter-Install.exe

That will locate the file you downloaded. If it does not, please download again using one of the links on our download page

After you start the DU Meter installer, just click it through, accept the license and DU Meter will be installed in just a few seconds. You can run it now from the Windows Start menu.

Last updated by haim on August 19, 2010 00:09