06 Jan 2011,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

DU Meter audible network traffic monitoring

I think most DU Meter users never used the “Audible network traffic monitoring” feature. And indeed, constant “beeping” is annoying if you have it always enabled. However, if you are waiting for a long download to finish, you can do this:

  • Enable this feature: Go to DU Meter’s options, open “Colors and Sounds” tab, and enable “Audible network traffic monitoring”.
  • Set the threshold to about 70% of your available network bandwidth.
  • Crank up the volume.

Go drink some coffee, stretch your legs, talk with your family or colleagues. You’ll hear the beeping in the background, and when it stops, you’ll know the download is finished or stalled for some reason. It is a bandwidth monitor without a monitor. I’m sure you can think of other clever uses for this feature, please comment if you do!