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 05 Feb 2022,
by Victoria Gelfenbeyn

Windows 11 and DU Meter taskbar band

Microsoft has removed functionality in Windows 11 that DU Meter users loved.
 07 Nov 2016,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

DU Meter issues on Windows 10 have been resolved

The issues with DU Meter driver not loading Windows 10 Anniversary Update have been resolved.
 02 Aug 2016,
by Alice Allen

Solve DU Meter issues after Windows 10 update

DU Meter sometimes stops working after the latest Windows 10 update is applied. Here is the solution for this issue.
 12 Jun 2015,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

DuMeter.net now supports bandwidth accounting on Linux

DuMeter.net reporter for Linux has been released. Network bandwidth usage accounting is supported on most major Linux distributions.
 25 May 2015,
by Haim Gelfenbeyn

Does the Wi-Fi signal strength really affect Internet speed?

Wi-Fi signal strength indicators often lie: they show 3 bars, when in fact the signal strength is not that great. DU Meter helps uncover the truth.
Haim Gelfenbeyn, CEO
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