Frequently Asked Questions

How often the statistics are updated?

DU Meter statistics are updated every 15 minutes if mobile data connection (3G, etc.) is active, and every 3 minutes if Wi-Fi is active. Frequent polling of Wi-Fi statistics is required because as soon as Wi-Fi is turned off, its statistics disappear, so DU Meter needs to update frequently to be precise.

How DU Meter affects my battery life?

DU Meter has been written to be as power-efficient as possible. However, the software collects statistics from your phone on regular time intervals, so it does use a negligible percentage of the battery's power. It won't wake up your phone if it is in standby mode.

Why DU Meter's statistics are a bit lower or higher than what my cellular provider reports?

Cellular networks are not perfect. If your cellular provider sends data to your phone, but your phone never receives is, because of interference, intermittent coverage issues, etc., then this data will be accounted for at your provider's end, but not on your phone. Same is true if your phone sends data to the cellular tower, but that data is never received. These two "problems" cancel each other, so DU Meter's reports are generally very accurate, but there may be small discrepancies. We recommend setting DU Meter's alert to a value a few percents lower than your cellular provider's free allowance.

Are there any known issues with DU Meter for Android?

Not at this moment. DU Meter for Android should work with all phones and tablets using Android 4.x and later.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please use the Assistance Request Form to contact our technical support.