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What are users saying about TweakMASTER

“Just a quick note to tell you that TweakMASTER is a fabulous program and that I can't believe how it has helped me from a slow sluggish connection to my internet service provider (”

— Eldridge Currie <>

“Keep the great developers you have on the software. My wife was resistant to computer use. When she started tinkering with the tweaks TweakMASTER PRO has we can't get her off our computers. Jim and the kids. You guys created a geek woman monster.”

— James and Marrianna Henderson <>

“I Really thanks to TweakMASTER Team is really a Perfect software for your Internet conncetion Boost. its really perfect... Y0000 guys again thanks to all of you that u really worked hard on this great software.”

— MITUL <>

“TweakMASTER is a great product. Previously I had tried a number of internet optimisers with varying limited success. TweakMASTER trial version delivered as promised. Speed in loading web pages has increased by 30% and so has the speed at which pics load. Most importantly TweakMASTER does not seemed to have interferred with any other programs. A great product.”

— Geoff Bishop <>

“I am a regular user of TweakMASTER. This is a wonderful software unlike anything i've ever seen before. This really practises what it preaches. It ehanced the speed of my connection very much. It is a boon to internet users like me who have very slow connections. Download it and enjoy your browsing.”

— Anish Mohandas <>

“TweakMASTER was the first software package which I ever purchased. It was not a decision made lightly. Limited resources demand that my purchases deliver what they promise --- and that TweakMASTER does to perfection. Yet it is not just TweakMASTER's technical performance which commands attention --- one must also applaud a program obviously written, maintained, and marketed by people with integrity. The documentation is comprehensive and explains clearly why TweakMASTER may deliver only modest gains in performance or highly significant ones. In other words, there is no nonsense about delivering the impossible. It's claims are realistic, and enough information is provided for the user to make intelligent choices of paramaters. TweakMASTER is a class-act program which enables you to get the most that the Internet and your ISP can deliver; nothing more and nothing less. I try to reward excellence. There will be a tribute page in my next website to TweakMASTER's mentors with special reference to as fine a man in the person of Joseph Burke that you could ever want spporting your purchase. Is TweakMASTER the best if its kind? I have already crossed that bridge once, and no need to do it twice. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN.”

— Robert C. Smith, Webmaster
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“this is a really good program, my computer is really fast now. before TweakMASTER i wait so long that i get sleepy, but that's over now”

— Rene Duinkerken <>

“I tried the evaluation version or two weeks, and I am so sold on this product that delivers what it says, that I'll coin a corney phrase from Jim Carey's Mask....SMOKIN' Thanks or a product that actually works.”

— Stephen Russ <>

“Wow!! Amazing product!! I used to have download speeds of 30kbs but now im getting 55kbs!!!! How you do it,I dont know,but its fab!”

— Zahid Khan <>

“Web pages load faster even if i am from the caribbean it still works for me. thank u tweak master”

— Kem Andrew <>

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