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We have created a Professional version of TweakMASTER which offers even greater power to optimize your Internet connection. This Pro version includes our exclusive LinkFox technology for Internet Explorer acceleration and the award-winning DU Meter utility to accurately and effectively monitor your download speeds and bandwidth usage. Regularly a $49.95 value, TweakMASTER PRO is available for just $39.95 as part of our limited time offer.


TweakMASTER PRO is a comprehensive package for anyone serious about tweaking their Internet connection. It provides all the tools necessary to tweak your connection and accurately measure the results to achieve best speed possible. Apart from the impressive features of the standard edition of TweakMASTER, TweakMASTER PRO also contains:

  • TweakMASTER LinkFox: an exclusive feature of TweakMASTER PRO which lets you pre-load web pages of your choice into Internet Explorer cache, automatically, so these pages will load instantly the moment you need them. This feature is invaluable for anyone who is doing research online, a great convenience and timesaver.
  • Our award-winning DU Meter utility: it provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer's network connection at any given moment. This readout is presented in both numerical and graphical format, in real time. DU Meter includes extensive logging facility, flexible events system, and more.

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