TweakMASTER LinkFox

LinkFox is available exclusively in the Professional version of TweakMASTER.

LinkFox main window

Why LinkFox?

Tired of waiting for Web pages to load while you sit and stare at an empty monitor? When you read a magazine, you don't need to wait as you turn from the table of contents to the article you want to read, or the pictures you want to look at. Why should the web be any different? Now, thanks to LinkFox, the quintessential web browsing utility from Hagel Technologies, you need wait no more.

Fully compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 and later, LinkFox supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and all older Windows versions.

How LinkFox works?

With LinkFox, you choose what pages you want to visit next, and place the link in a convenient little window which will then count down as it pre-loads all graphics, text and other Web files to your browser's cache. When you are ready to click on the link, either from the browser window, or from the list of page names in the LinkFox window, it will load to your browser instantly reducing waiting time for surfing the web effectively to nothing! With a handy drop basket, which occupies very little screen space, it will signal you when links are loading and when they have finished. You can then simply toggle back to the LinkFox window and click on the name of the page you wish to visit next.

The intelligent and careful design of LinkFox is certain to greatly enhance your browsing experience. With a host of configurable options, the tiny drop basket will hide itself when you switch to another program window and appear automatically back in any convenient location such as your browser's toolbar, when you switch back to your browser. You can add links manually for either browser and you can pause a page's loading while you divert your modem's bandwidth to another activity such as email or FTP. You can also save your links in the LinkFox window for future sessions. A click of the "Reload" button will refresh all those pages for you and make sure you are looking at the current version.

LinkFox combines the very best aspects of speedy web browsing with an Internet-friendly approach which will conserve precious resources consistent with the highest principles of netiquette.

LinkFox... the way browsing was meant to be

Download TweakMASTER PRO, and start using LinkFox right away!