Does TweakMASTER really work?

How is it possible to optimize Windows networking?

Microsoft must make sure that Windows networking works adequately in every possible scenario, out of the box. It must work with high-speed corporate gigabit networks and it must work with bad dial-up connections in Africa. Therefore all advanced settings are set to their most conservative values by default.

TweakMASTER's Wizard asks a couple of questions, analyzes your current networking environment and then applies one of its optimization strategies. You can try several ones until you find what works best for you.

I heard TCP/IP tweaking does not work in Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Optimizing Windows networking is much more than just writing a couple of values into the registry. It is true that most tweaks from Windows 95 era do not work today. TweakMASTER knows how to handle all versions of Windows, and has specialized tweaks for Vista and Windows 7.

What if I apply wrong settings?

TweakMASTER can always revert back to Windows defaults. It also has a backup/restore feature so you can experiment with total peace of mind.

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Users Say ...

“TweakMASTER is a great product. Previously I had tried a number of internet optimisers with varying limited success. TweakMASTER trial version delivered as promised. Speed in loading web pages has increased by 30% and so has the speed at which pics load. Most importantly TweakMASTER does not seemed to have interferred with any other programs. A great product.”

— Geoff Bishop <>