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  • Automatically optimize any type of Internet connection.
  • Use advanced network diagnostics & troubleshooting tools.
  • Optimize Internet Explorer and Firefox for snappier web surfing.
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Users Say...

“ I was skeptical at first that this program would live up to advertised expectations, but after a few days I was more than impressed by my computer's improved performance. If you're looking for speed this is the product I recommend! ”

— Peter Anastasia

Will it really work?

There are programs out there that gave Internet optimizers a bad name. TweakMASTER is different. It works perfectly in any Windows version from XP to Windows 7 and has a slew of methods to squeeze that last drop of possible network performance.

What's new?

TweakMASTER 3.60 has been released on April 11, 2018, with a few improvements and bug fixes. TweakMASTER PRO also features the award-winning DU Meter utility.