TradeTrakker Screenshots

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Main Window

TradeTrakker main window

Unlike most web-based portfolio tracking options, TradeTrakker offers many more column options, the organization of portfolios into internal groups, automatic updating accomplished in just seconds, the ability to easily factor in stock splits, dividends, broker fees, and much more. Alerts can be easily set to warn you when stocks reach certain price levels. Here you can see a typical screen shot of the TradeTrakkere main window.

Stocks Ticker

The TradeTrakker Ticker Bar keeps you up to date on current stock prices and market indexes. A quick glance to the top of your screen is all it takes to be updated. This ticker bar is unobtrusive, takes very little screen real estate, and of course is completely optional.

TradeTrakker Wizard

TradeTrakker Wizard

To get started, the simplest option is to use the Wizard. TradeTrakker is designed to run the Wizard by default when opening the program. You can easily disable this feature by unchecking the appropriate checkbox on the first Wizard screen. You can also run the Wizard at any time by clicking on the handy Wizard toolbar button.

TradeTrakker Portfolios

TradeTrakker Portfolio Properties

TradeTrakker lets you organize your stock positions into portfolios. Each portfolio has its own set of properties, which includes an update schedule for items in this portfolio, visible data columns, grouping of stocks and more. This is a screenshot of the dialog box that allows you to edit these parameters.

TradeTrakker Program Preferences

TradeTrakker program preferences

TradeTrakker is very configurable application. While all options are initially set to sensible default values, we realize that one size does not fit all. Many users successfully use TradeTrakker without ever opening this dialog box. But if your preferences are different, you can easily tailor TradeTrakker to your own personal needs.