Even More TradeTrakker Rave Reviews

“Still TradeTrakker is the best portfolio program I have. I find more and more ways to use it. The simplify and speed set it apart from all the others I have. It is the only program I have found in a very long time that has improved my daily working on the market.”

— David Sauer <dsauergct21.net>

“It is an excellent program/product to follow up general and private portfolios, among many other programs”

— Konstantine Kontoulis <kkontoulispanafonet.gr>

“Amazing software, simple to use, doesn't take more than 10 minutes to get familiar with the entire program, without reading the help files. And with such a low price TradeTrakker is highly recommended for any investor/trader looking for a simple yet powerful portfolio manager. Cheers.”

— Rohan Alva <rxalvahotmail.com>

“Simple, intuitive, and features that would top most stock investor requirement.

I tried it for a day and was so convinced of the product that I bought it immediately. Since then I threw away a gamut of papers, get rid of the Excel spreadsheet, and most importantly have more time to spend on analysing stocks performance.

Looking forward to more features in the future releases (e.g. porfolio holding chart, more configurable screen.)”

— Tan Jit Pheng <jit_tanhotmail.com>

“For the price of registration, this has got to be the best stock portfolio tracker I have ever used and I will say that I have used quite a few. The updates just keep making the program better all the time. You are getting my registration for sure.”

— Mr. John Sumpolec Jr. <jsumpyjrjuno.com>

“Excellent program. Just starting out as a private investor. Could not ask for a more user friendly tool.”

— Michael Candeloro <MCandeloroaol.com>

“I would just like to say thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I have worked for twenty years on the London Stock Exchange as a professional investor, and this is one of the most versatile investment tools I have ever seen. I would reccomend it to anyone who invests on the stock markets of the world. My only criticism is that it is too cheap! I have spent thousands of pounds on software over the years, TradeTrakker paid for itself within a few hours.”

— Mike Hudson

“This is the best program on the market, I did extensive research before I purchased it and now the program is even better. You really did your home work on this one. The follow up tech support has been great, keep up the good work.”

— Richard Mayer

“I would like to thank the creators of TradeTrakker for creating what I have found to be the best stock portfolio tracking program on the internet. It is simple and neat, yet full of information... All and all it is a great program and a more than fair price. I have recomended it to many of my friends and I hope that its creators continue to support it and develop new versions.”

— Charles Mouquin <nshetharyahoo.com>

“I heard about TradeTrakker on the BetaNews Web site. I have worked as a Banker for many years. I've been a full time tester for Symantec, and all MSN projects. I now make my living as a full time day trader. First of all, great program, I absolutely love it... This program is a must for any investor to use. Simple, fast, and clean without clutter. I really enjoyed testing the software. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM !!!

— Jay Lanphier <jaylanphierhotmail.com>

“This is an incredible product, from what I've seen. I've already gotten several people interested in going ahead and paying for it.”

— Jeff Mason <encryptnetscape.net>

“This is a good program. I have been looking for a logically designed portfolio management software for a long time and TT comes the closest.”

— Alan Aghan <alan.aworldnet.att.net>

“I am a novice investor and a little apprehensive about investing on-line. The features included in TradeTrakker have helped a great deal to give me confidence in managing my own investment portfolio.”

— Frank Flood

“Does just what I want. No fuss, no muss.

— LeonMpobox.com <LeonM@pobox.com>

“I currently use Personal Stock Monitor but I like the simplicity of Trade Trakker and have been using it to track my daily stock picks. Your program is headed in the right direction and should be popular. And yes, I will purchase it.”

— Terry McMillan <T_McMillantelus.net>

“I can't say enough good things about TradeTrakker and the fantastic support and people behind this great product. Where else can you send an email in about a problem and have the company President respond to your email and facilitate a solution in such a timely manner. I really appreciate it!”

— Ray Smith <rjsmithawod.com>

“I have just found your program and it really looks like exactly what I want.”

— Ron Hankins <1649002212jcom.home.ne.jp>

“Great enhancements with v2.0.”

— Douglas Robichaud <drobietds.net>

“Congratulations on your awesome Investment Portfolio Management Software. TradeTrakker will become an important tool that I will recommend without hesitation to anyone who has a stock portfolio.”

— Howard Thaw <howard_thyahoo.com>

“You know, I have tried out a few other programs (including some from Australia), this one seems to be the best.”

— Harry Duong <harry_dtelstra.com>

“Thanks for TradeTrakker... I really enjoy the product.”

— Ron Lockhart <ronronlockhart.com>

“I have using your program for 2-3 weeks, I have to give it thumbs up of this program. It is easy to use and detail enough, also the best thing is the fast update of quotes.”

— Michael Ng <cilmngctimail.com>

“Although I have used TradeTrakker a rather short time, I knew right from the start it was a WINNER! I particularly appreciate the flexibility of the program as to how I can configure it to my exact liking while still remaining very user friendly. My brother also appreciated these qualities so much he registered his version a few days ago as well. We have tried & evaluated numerous programs over the last several months & yours was the winner, hands down.”

— Keith Boechler <k.boechlerhome.com>

“I've used several different software programs to track my stock and investment portfolio. Yours is so perfectly what I wanted that it's almost unbelievable. For the first time I feel in total control of how I want my items laid out, what I want them to include, what I don't want included, etc., etc. Plus TradeTrakker looks good on the screen. My decision to buy was made within one hour of starting up the shareware version--no need to wait a month; it's that good! Thank you for a job well done!”

— Art Jorgensen <a.jorgensenatt.net>