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What are users saying about TradeTrakker

“I think your program is outstanding. Before using TradeTrakker I used "Microsoft Portfolio" on the web, but they were constantly changing things and as a result the program was not reliable from year to year. Your program is "stable", works the same way every month, and I can depend on it not to lose my data or involve me in constant "updates", relearning the format, and "background computing" via remote administration, which I really hate. Good going with your product.”

— Rick Harvey <>

“I sincerely than you for adding all the indices I suggested into TradeTrakker. It is a beautiful piece of software and I wish you all the best in your future endevour.”

— Rakesh <>

“With millions and millions of investors, I am amazed at the dearth of simple and efficient stock tracking programs. TradeTrakker is lean and chock full of the essential information without cluttering the screen or the mind. Kudos to you, you have built a better mousetrap!”

— Marty Reynard <>

“Just downloaded your new version of Tracktrakker. Thank you so much for updating it. I love the program and use it everyday.”

— Mike De Barbieris <>

“WOW! you people rock! I just downloaded the FREE upgrade to TradeTrakker (ver 2.50). More value for the same low price... I really like the new features. This is one of the very few tools that I immediately load on every new computer I buy. It does exactly what I want it to do and it is rock solid code... what more could I ask for? Thank you so much for this great product!”

— George Mellen <>

“I am using TradeTrakker for a few years now. I am using it daily from monday to friday and I believe is't the best software to track my active stock market.”

— Pierre St-Onge <>

“Mate! these program is bloody GREAT! Keep the good work”

— Freddy Castro <>

“I spent all weekend trying to find a Portfolio Manager and I can honestly say that out of all of them yours was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best value for money by far. Thanks for your help with this and congratulations on a great piece of software.”

— Paul Smithson

“Thanks for a truly great tool. I'm new to investment management and Trade Trakker is VERY friendly to the novice. I'd like to suggest a feature to be added in updates.... Thanks again for a very useful tool.”

— Ray New <>

“What a great program !! It's on my desktop page all day.”

— H. Douglas Dinkel <>

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