TradeTrakker 2.x Updates History

January 11, 2012 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.93

Fixes for DOW Jones Industrial Average Index display, several minor bug fixes.

December 9, 2010 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.91

Additional fixes for YTD calculations for stocks with splits during the current year.

December 3, 2010 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.90

  • Philadelphia Semiconductor index has been changed to "PHLX Semiconductor" and its symbol has been changed as well.
  • "Dow Jones AIG Commodity" index was rebranded to "Dow Jones UBS Commodity", ticket symbols were changed to reflect that.
  • YTD, 3MTD and 3YTD columns did not account for stock splits - fixed.
  • TradeTrakker did not retain its position if set up to start minimized - fixed.
  • Automatic resizing of the last column in the data grid has been disabled.

September 20, 2010 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.86

  • Dow Jones Industrials 30 (DOW) index was not updated properly - fixed.
  • New toolbar graphics and several other GUI improvements to better support high-resolution displays and make better use of the screen real estate.
  • Manual entry of 52 week high & low values was not retained - fixed.
  • Graceful recovery from invalid date input in several TradeTrakker dialogs.
  • New and improved networking code improves update speed.
  • Several issues in printing support were corrected.
  • Sample portfolio is updated with current stocks.
  • Several GUI issues were corrected.

September 4, 2009 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.80

  • Full compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Bugfix: Adding multiple stocks via the Wizard did not work.
  • Bugfix: Placement on non-default monitor was not retained between TradeTrakker sessions.
  • Bugfix: Could not unassign a stock from a group.

March 9, 2008 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.77

Compatibility update due to recent data feed changes. If TradeTrakker stopped updating certain US indices, please download and install this update, free for registered users. This update also includes some minor bugs fixes, and cosmetic improvements on Microsoft Vista.

May 16, 2007 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.76

Compatibility update due to recent data feed changes in Europe. If TradeTrakker stopped updating EU stocks for you, downloading and installing this update will resolve this issue.

February 22, 2007 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.74

Compatibility update due to recent data feed format change. If TradeTrakker stopped working for you altogether, downloading and installing this update will resolve this problem.

February 6, 2007 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.72

Compatibility update due to recent data feed format changes. If YTD and 3MTD stopped working for you, downloading and installing this update will resolve this problem.

November 27, 2006 :: What's new in TradeTrakker 2.70?

  • Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Improved speed and memory consumption.
  • Better support for Fast User Switching on Windows XP and Vista.
  • A few additional Australian market indexes added, some other indexes updated.
  • File export directory selection is preserved across TradeTrakker sessions.
  • Fixed total gain/loss calculation for shorted stocks-only portfolios.
  • If second instance of TradeTrakker is started, first one is activated automatically.
  • Rare groups list corruption fixed.
  • Several GUI issues fixed.

January 18, 2006 :: What's new in TradeTrakker 2.51?

  • Fixed: TradeTrakker crashed if alerts were active and user switched to a different data file.
  • Fixed: Dividends have 4 decimal places precision now.
  • Fixed: Installation locked up if some other program was in hung state.
  • Fixed: Stock split rouned number of shares.
  • Fixed: Value of stocks sold short should be substracted and not added to total portfolio value.

November 15, 2005 :: New in TradeTrakker 2.50

Version 2.50 introduces several new features and numerous bug fixes. All users are strongly advised to upgrade: this update is free for all current TradeTrakker users.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed: Incorrect short position stocks handling in some columns.
  • Fixed: "Change", "Change $" and "Change %" columns had incorrect totals when portfolio had some short positions.
  • Fixed: Adjusted buy/sell price for short position stocks was incorrect.
  • Fixed: Color for "Change $" column was incorrect for short positions.
  • Fixed: Alerts window crashed when stock in alert state was deleted.
  • Fixed: If the indices display was hidden from the main window the ticker bar at screen top stopped updating.
  • Fixed: Proper date of additional stock lot purchase wasn't logged (current date was logged).
  • Fixed: Crash in portfolio properties edit dialog if all columns were removed.
  • Fixed: In printed reports, TradeTrakker logo and title were too small.
  • Fixed: Print dialog crashed when there was no printer installed.
  • Fixed: Printer didn't advance to the next page when there was not enough space for print summary on current page.
  • Fixed: In printed reports, text was too cramped vertically on high-resolution printers.
  • Fixed: Zoom factor and maximization of Print Preview window.

New Features:

  • Ability to view multi-portfolio totals for selected portfolios (Select "Multi-Portfolio Summary" from the list of portfolios).
  • Total portfolio value column in Performance Summary panel ("Market Value" column renamed to "Securities Value", and new "Total Value" column added).
  • List of indexes: 21 obsolete indexes removed, 41 new indexes added. Users are advised to use indexes configuration dialog box to remove old indexes which stopped working and add new ones.
  • "Copy columns layout" menu command (to copy columns layout from different portfolio).
  • Option to copy columns layout from existing portfolio on new portfolio creation.
  • Predefined buy/sell commissions (in Stock Properties dialog and in Buy stock/Sell stocks dialogs).
  • Ability to enter dividend date on dividend entry dialog for correct logging.
  • TradeTrakker honors system settings for date and time display ( Important! This feature may change the way TradeTrakker reporesents dates in current version comparing to previous version, if your system's regional settings are not U.S. ones).
  • When the security is sold, it is removed from stock ticker automatically (configurable).
  • Buy, Add Shares and Sell dialogs: ability to enter either fees or total value for easier data input.
  • More intuitive handing of watched stocks in Stock Properties dialog.
  • New column: "% of portfolio" - Percentage of the total portfolio invested in security, by current market value.
  • Multi-portfolio totals printout includes only portfolios selected by user ( Important! This feature may change which portfolios are included by default in printed totals report).
  • Updated button sizes to better accommodate higher resolution monitors.
  • Added support for security symbols with length greater than 14 characters.
  • In printed reports, color each 2nd line in light gray (configurable).

February 2, 2005 :: What's new in TradeTrakker 2.24?

  • Fixes to stock symbol suffix-processing algorythm, to better handle stock symbols with suffixes, especially from Canadian and other non-U.S. stock exchanges.
  • Minor bug fixes and user interface updates.

December 22, 2004 :: What's new in TradeTrakker 2.23?

  • New column added: "Since Sell", which shows how much the value of the particular security has changed since sell day till now, in dollars.
  • Updates to reflect the symbol change initiative on Toronto Exchange (TSX).
  • New and more user-friendly software registration dialogs.
  • TradeTrakker setup executable file is digitally signed now, to inspire greater customer confidence and to help verify that that it has not been tampered in any way.
  • Minor bug fixes and user interface updates.

August 5, 2004 :: What's new in TradeTrakker 2.21?

  • 3MTD column did not update properly - fixed.
  • Cash reserve was not updating when new stock is added in already "bought" state and the "buy" date was left blank - fixed.
  • New Zealand NZSE 40 index was replaced with NZSE 50.
  • Wrong pop-up menu was shown in the main window - fixed.
  • Problem entering partial shares in "stock properties" dialog resolved.
  • Rare crash problem in the Alerts window fixed.
  • Minor user interface updates.

March 15, 2004 :: What's new in TradeTrakker 2.20?

  • Fixed a problem with incorrect values in 3MTD, YTD and 3YTD columns.
  • Fixed a problem where incorrect data file was opened if default data file is not present.
  • Default TradeTrakker folder is no longer recreated on each start of TradeTrakker.
  • Fixed a problem with infinite data retrieval loop if computer's clock is moved back to 2002 or earlier.
  • Holding a SHIFT key while clicking on "update all stocks" toolbar button will force a full update of historic prices data (used in 3MTD, YTD, 3YTD calculations).
  • Minor help file and tooltips updates.

What's new in TradeTrakker 2.17?

  • Fixed a rare rounding error in fractional shares display.
  • Fixed historical data feed compatibility problem: 3MTD, YTD, 3YTD columns display correct data again.
  • "Comments" column was missing from the list of available columns - fixed.

What's new in TradeTrakker 2.16?

  • TradeTrakker is compatible with NotePager Pro now.
  • AskAlfred service is no more - support removed.
  • Fixed URLs to several online broker sites.
  • Minor user interface tweaks.

What's new in TradeTrakker 2.15?

  • Fractional shares amount was not handled properly if fractional part contained zeroes - fixed.
  • Main window font was not anti-aliased properly on systems that support anti-aliasing - fixed.
  • Ticker flickered badly on Windows XP - fixed.
  • Minor installation program updates.

What's new in TradeTrakker 2.14?

  • YTD and 3MTD columns were not always updated properly for some stocks - fixed.
  • Reflected name change of Toronto Stock Exchange from TSE to TSX.
  • TSE 300 index has changed its name to S&P TSX Composite.
  • Minor installation program updates.

What's new in TradeTrakker 2.13?

  • Several columns won't update properly (YTD, 3MTD) due to a data format change - fixed.
  • History information download for some stocks was looping indefinitely - fixed.

What's new in TradeTrakker 2.12?

  • S&P 500, Stockholm General, Italy MIBTel and Norway OSE All Share indexes stopped being updated properly in version 2.11 or earlier - corrected.
  • Average Volume column stopped working - fixed.
  • New stock exchanges added: Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Vienna Stock Exchange, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
  • Option to edit stock activity log added.
  • Better compatibility with Windows XP.
  • Several possible sources of program crash eliminated.
  • New and improved program installer.
  • Minor documentation and help file updates.

TradeTrakker 2.11 enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.11 is a minor update for TradeTrakker. It corrects several issues and adds one new major feature: password protection for TradeTrakker files. All users are strongly advised to upgrade: this update is free for all current TradeTrakker users.

TradeTrakker 2.10 enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.10 is a minor update for TradeTrakker. However, it contains corrections for several issues, and all current users of TradeTrakker are advised to upgrade.

  • Automatic file backup facility.
  • Two new template placeholders in web menu - $n and $N.
  • Ask Alfred web service.
  • Incorrect gain/loss calculation for reinvested dividends corrected.
  • Trades on London Stock Exchange are in Pence Sterling and not in Pound Sterling - corrected.
  • Stock Ticker's hidden state was not always remembered across TradeTrakker sessions - corrected.
  • Numerous minor bugs fixed.

TradeTrakker 2.0 most important new features.

  • Index display is customizable - you can select indexes to monitor from the list of more than 100 US and international indexes.
  • Multiple exchanges/currencies support.
  • Optional customizable Stock Ticker Bar.
  • Multiple consecutive items can be selected at once for batch copy, move or delete operations.
  • Transaction History feature: Logging of "Dividend", "Stock Merger", "Stock Split" and "Add Stocks" commands in stock's comments field in the Edit Stock dialog.
  • Added full support for shorting stock positions.
  • Added direct printing facility.
  • Web Links menu is fully customizable now.
  • Added following new data columns: Yield, EPS, P/E Ratio, Market Cap, Average Volume, Annualized Gains, 3 Months to Date, Year To Date, 3 Years to Date, Days Held.
  • Optional manual data entry for preferred stock, variable annuities, any positions which are not traded publicly, and so on.
  • Optional upticks (plus or minus sign indicates the direction the stock price went since the last update). These are visible in the "Change %" column.
  • New command: "Stock Merger" - automatically adjusts stock data after merger.
  • Automatic tracking of watched stocks: track watched stocks automatically with price per share and date for performance comparisons without need to "fake" purchase. Option to specify by default a certain number of shares for watched stocks (e.g. 1, 10, 100, 1000).
  • Option to change totals so that sold stocks are no longer added to totals of daily gain/loss.
  • Ability to change color scheme to suit personal tastes and ability to change font faces and sizes for senior citizens and visually impaired people.
  • Ability to select multiple stocks in a portfolio using the SHIFT key.
  • Custom sorting: drag & drop stocks in portfolio to organize them in a non-standard order.
  • Export directly to Excel files: You can export either all portfolios or just the current one to a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Option to reinvest dividends when dividends are distributed.
  • Capital gains tax determination. In the "Sell stock" dialog box, it shows the current status of that stock, and if it's short term, it tells the user how many days left till it turns long-term.
  • Alerts can be set for volume thresholds.
  • New text-to-speech and animation capability for alert announcements.
  • Integration with NotePager software.

TradeTrakker 2.0 Bug Fixes

  • Cash Reserve can now be negative - for people buying stocks on a margin.
  • Date format was not consistent in TradeTrakker - fixed.
  • Portfolios with more than 200 stocks are updated correctly now.
  • Many optimizations and small fixes to stock quote pulling engine.
  • Some updates in main window drawing, making it faster and more responsive.
  • Sorting artifacts removed: when sorting on a column that has records with the same value, TradeTrakker was sorting the data differently every time.
  • Wrong data was displayed when Yahoo reported yesterday's close price as zero.
  • Name in title bar didn't change back after a snapshot file was opened.
  • Incorrect error message when stock quotes are unavailable: when stock quotes provider reports "non-existing stock symbol", but TradeTrakker has once received data for that stock, it will not display error messages.
  • Handing/data corruption problem fixed.
  • Date fields more consistent (all 4-digit year in all dialogs).
  • Market value and stock value will show data for sold stocks only in portfolios which contains sold stocks only.