TradeTrakker has been discontinued

November 17, 2017

After the recent break in the online data feed, we have done the best we could to fix TradeTrakker and get it working for most existing customers. Most customers report that it is working well. However, We've been recently notified by S&P Dow Jones Indices that the agreement that allowed us to distribute their data to our users has been terminated by them with effect as of December 31, 2017. Therefore, we have no other recourse but to stop selling TradeTrakker or provide updates for the software. While the program itself might continue working for some time, we cannot provide meaningful technical support for software that we cannot neither maintain nor profit from.

As made plain in the DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY in TradeTrakker's Software License Agreement "if the online stock information sources used by TradeTrakker cease to be available for free use in TradeTrakker, TradeTrakker may no longer be able to update portfolio information via the internet." This was always our policy over the 15 years we sold TradeTrakker. While TradeTrakker might continue working for some time, since Yahoo was sold to Verizon, there are most probably changes coming that will prevent TradeTrakker from obtaining stock data in the future.

We thank all our customers for their support over the years. and we suggest TradeTrakker users should look for alternatives to replace TradeTrakker as their stock management software.