New in TradeTrakker

November 17, 2017 :: TradeTrakker has been discontinued

We've been recently notified by S&P Dow Jones Indices that the agreement that allowed us to distribute their data to our users has been terminated by them with effect as of December 31, 2017. Therefore, we have no other recourse but to stop selling TradeTrakker or provide updates for the software. For additional information, please see the full product discontinuation notice.

November 10, 2017 :: TradeTrakker 3.51 has been released

This update resolves the issue of TradeTrakker not getting any stock data updates. In addition, the following changes have been introduced:

  • Some ETFs that were not available previosly, are properly updated now.
  • Fixes to Yield and EPS columns that were not shown properly for some securities.
  • TradeTrakker will automatically update name of the security if not entered by the user.
  • Downloading of stock data during the addition of new security has been improved.
  • Due to a changes in networking code, portfolio updates might take much longer than before. If some of your portfolios are created for historical or archival reasons, we suggest setting their update schedule to once a day to make the update of all other portfolios faster.
  • The minimum portfolio update frequency is 10 minutes now.

July 27, 2017 :: TradeTrakker 3.14 has been released

This update improves compatibility with stock data servers: TradeTrakker was no longer getting some historical stock data updates. If your MTD, YTD, and other columns were showing "N/A", this update should resolve this issue. This release is free to all registered TradeTrakker users.

May 03, 2017 :: TradeTrakker 3.10 has been released

This update fixes a compatibility issue with stock data servers: TradeTrakker was no longer getting stock data updates after an initial update upon TradeTrakker startup.

August 04, 2015 :: TradeTrakker 3.05 has been released

This minor update to TradeTrakker improves compatibility with the recently released Windows 10, resolves an issue with data updates not running on schedule for some users, and fixes several other minor bugs.

March 22, 2015 :: TradeTrakker 3.04 has been released

This bug-fixing update to TradeTrakker 3.x resolves serveral issues with stocks not updating properly (red X appearing next to a stock name). This release is free if you bought your TradeTrakker license in 2014 or 2005, otherwise you need to purchase a license upgrade. Please see TradeTrakker upgrade policy for more information.

December 5, 2014 :: TradeTrakker 3.02 has been released

This is a first bug-fixing update to TradeTrakker 3.x. This release is free if you bought your TradeTrakker license in 2014 or 2005, otherwise you need to purchase a license upgrade.

Fixes and improvements in TradeTrakker 3.02

  • Stock data downloading code is smarter and more resilient against temporary networking failures and incorrectly formatted or missing stock data.
  • Stock amount field was rounded to the nearest whole number when user opened stock edit or sell dialogs.
  • When current stock price was set manually to zero, current value calculation was incorrect.
  • Gain/loss columns were empty for some "watched" stocks.
  • Several other minor fixes and improvements.

November 18, 2014 :: TradeTrakker 3.01 has been released

This major new release contains many new features and is fully compatible with Windows 8 and the upcoming Windows 10. If you bought your TradeTrakker license in 2013 or earlier, you need to purchase a license upgrade. Please see TradeTrakker upgrade policy for more information.

New features

  • Trailing stop alert: A trailing stop is designed to protect gains by enabling a trade to remain open and continue to profit as long as the price is moving in the right direction, but closing the trade if the price changes direction by a specified percentage. While the stock price raises (for a long position), trailing stop alert threshold raises too, and if the stock price drops a specified percentage point below that threshold, TradeTrakker will issue an alert.
  • Alert by email: TradeTrakker can send alerts to email automatically. So you can receive alerts about your portfolio while away from the computer — and on your mobile device, too!
  • Full Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 support: TradeTrakker 3.0 is supported on all Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. Since Windows 10 is not released yet, we tested on the pre- release version of this operating system. Should a retail version require updates in TradeTrakker, current and future TradeTrakker 3.0 registered users will receive these updates for free.
  • Better support for stocks on foreign stock exchanges: in particular, Indian stock exchanges are now fully working in TradeTrakker. Several European exchanges are much better supported. Several new stock exchanges were added to TradeTrakker:
    • Brussels Stock Exchange
    • Athens Stock Exchange
    • Irish Stock Exchange
    • Lisbon Stock Exchange
    • Swiss Exchange
    • EuroTLX
  • Text-To-Speech component can announce stock price alerts aloud. This feature is useful if you are away from your computer, but can still hear it. Never miss an opportunity to make more money or minimize your losses.
  • Data can be exported to HTML file format. Excel file export has been improved, as well.
  • Can buy or sell stocks with a price of zero. Useful if you inherited some stocks or received a gift. Or when some security is lost due to bankruptcy or any other reason.

Updated and Refreshed

  • All indexes as available in TradeTrakker were updated.
  • Default sample portfolio file has been updated.
  • All links on Web Links menu were refreshed.
  • TradeTrakker uses modern, better fonts in tables by default now.
  • New icons, graphics and sounds.

Many additional improvements to user interface and functionality, bug fixes and optimizations.

Removed functionality.

  • Windows 2000 is no longer supported.
  • Removed NotePager software support. Please use "alerts via email" component instead.
  • Microsoft Agent support was removed (This component is no longer supported by Microsoft and is not available since Windows 8). Please use "text-to-speech" feature instead.

TradeTrakker 2.x updates history is also available for your reference.

Upgrade policy

If you bought a TradeTrakker license in 2014 or later, your serial number will be accepted by TradeTrakker 3. Otherwise you need to buy an upgrade, and you're entitled to a 50% discount from our current TradeTrakker price.

For more information, please visit the TradeTrakker upgrade web page.