TradeTrakker Upgrade Information

Upgrade to TradeTrakker 3.x from any previous version

TradeTrakker 3.0 is a major upgrade to TradeTrakker 2.x. It contains many additions and refinements over the previous version. If you obtained TradeTrakker 2 license in 2014 or later, it will be accepted by TradeTrakker 3. Otherwise, you need to purchase an upgrade. We are offering 50% discount coupons to current customers.

Note: TradeTrakker has been discontinued!

TradeTrakker has been discontinued, new license sales have been suspended and no new updates will be issued for the software.

How to receive a discount coupon or free upgrade, if eligible

Please enter your user name and serial number exactly as specified in your original purchase confirmation email, and we will send you the free license or discount coupon and instructions for how to apply it, by email.

At least two fields below must match the information in our database of registered users. If you changed your email address since you registered our software, you can specify your new address here only if you write your name and serial number exactly as it's written in the purchase confirmation email. This database is updated every several hours. If you have purchased recently, your order information may not be in our system yet.

Upgrade to TradeTrakker 3.x

  1. Please enter your old TradeTrakker 2.x serial number.
    Optional if your full name and email match data in our database.

In most cases this automated response system will be the fastest solution for you. However if for some reason your previous order is not found in our database, or if you bought multiple copies of TradeTrakker and qualify for a bigger discount, then please contact our sales team and we will have to look up your order and send a discount coupon manually. Please supply as much information as possible. Manual lookup can take up to 72 hours.