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What is the TradeTrakker upgrade policy and how do I upgrade?

Upgrade to TradeTrakker 3.x from any previous TradeTrakker 3.x version

TradeTrakker 3.x updates are free for anyone who bought a license for TradeTrakker 3.×. Just download and install a new version on top of your existing one, and all data and settings will be preserved and your registration information recognized.

Upgrade to TradeTrakker 3.x any previous major version (1.x, 2.x)

If you bought TradeTrakker license during the current (2014) year, you can upgrade to TradeTrakker 3.x for free. Just install it on top of your current version, no need to get a new serial number.

If you bought TradeTrakker license in 2013 or earlier, you’ll need to buy an upgrade license to TradeTrakker 3.×. Please see TradeTrakker Upgrade web page for more information.t.

Do I need to uninstall prior to upgrade?

No! Just install on top of your previous version.

Can I downgrade to previous version of TradeTrakker?

Generally speaking, yes. However, TradeTrakker 2.x cannot open data files in TradeTrakker 3.x format. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to create a backup of your data files before an upgrade, since you won’t be able to open them with an older version of TradeTrakker once these files have been automatically converted to a version 3.0 file format.

Last updated by haim on November 18, 2014 15:31