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TradeTrakker Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upgrade to the latest version of TradeTrakker?

If you bought a TradeTrakker license in 2014 or later, your serial number will be accepted by TradeTrakker 3. Otherwise you need to buy an upgrade license. Please see TradeTrakker Upgrade web page for more information.

In general, there is no need to uninstall during an upgrade. Just install over your previous version and all data and settings will be preserved.

We strongly encourage you to create a backup of your data files, since you won’t be able to open them with an older version of TradeTrakker once these files have been automatically converted to a version 3.0 file format.

How to back up my TradeTrakker data?

By default, TradeTrakker saves its data files inside “TradeTrakker Data” folder, which is located in your Documents folder. Therefore, the simplest backup would be to copy this entire folder to a different location. Moreover, during an automatic upgrade from 2.x to 3.x file format, TradeTrakker creates a backup file with .v20 extension. You can use this file with TradeTrakker 2.x after you rename it back to .ttd extension.

What are the system requirements of TradeTrakker?

Please see TradeTrakker system requirements web page.

How do I track stocks from different exchanges around the world?

TradeTrakker has full support for multiple stock exchanges. The current version of TradeTrakker tracks stocks from many international exchanges and portfolios may be configured for each particular currency and exchange. However, it is not possible at this time to include stocks from different international exchanges in the same portfolio. As a rule of thumb, if the exchange uses a different currency, it must be tracked in a separate portfolio. To configure exchange and currency, go to Portfolio Properties (CTRL+P) and click on the “Market and Currency” tab and select the desired exchange from the list. This portfolio will now be able to track stocks listed on that exchange and prices and totals will be shown in the appropriate currency.

TradeTrakker is not receiving any data. Why?

If you find that TradeTrakker is not retrieving data from the Internet the problem is most likely that your connection is not live or somehow interrupted, or that you are connected to a proxy server. Make sure that you have a live internet connection first. If your browser is working, the problem is usually related to the user connecting to the internet through a proxy server. Go to Edit/Preferences in TradeTrakker and configure it for the proxy server. Use the Help file button in the Preferences dialog box for more information on that.

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