DU Meter 4.x updates history

September 4, 2009 :: DU Meter 4.16 has been released

  • Enhancement: Database corruption is handled automatically. Whatever data can be recovered is salvaged, and then the database file is recreated. User is notified after the fact.
  • Bugfix: Uninstall sometimes left DU Meter service records in the registry.

August 11, 2009 :: DU Meter 4.14 has been released

DU Meter 4.14 is a minor bug-fixing and compatibility update which is free for all current DU Meter 4.x users. Changes in this release are:

  • Compatibility updates for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Compatibility updates for TweakMASTER 3.0.
  • Bug fixed: Sorting by the wrong column in totals.
  • Bug fixed: Short period alert actions are not being run.
  • Several additional minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

June 9, 2008 :: DU Meter 4.01 has been released

DU Meter 4.01 is a maintenance release. I does not introduce any major new features, however it provides compatibility updates for Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008, as well as fixes for numerous issues discovered since the release of version 4.0. This update is free for all current DU Meter 4.0 users. Among many issues fixed in 4.01 release are:

  • Numerous issues in DU Meter service fixed, resulting in more robust startup and automatic restart of the service if needed.
  • Failure to start in DU Meter monitor has been resolved.
  • Several issues related to backup and restore functions are corrected.
  • Stopwatch overflow on large data transfers corrected.
  • Several instances of DU Meter on taskbar - fixed.
  • Export of reports was missing last day or hour in some cases - fixed.
  • Numerous speed optimizations for lower CPU consumption.
  • Interference with DU Meter startup options if running on Vista with DU Meter sidebar enabled is fixed.
  • Incorrect resizing of very small or very large DU Meter windows is fixed.
  • Modified service dependency for faster startup.
  • Dial-Up/VPN connection time on Vista was incorrect - fixed.
  • Compatibility updates for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3.
  • Compatibility updates for Windows Server 2008.

October 15, 2007 :: DU Meter 4.0 has been released

DU Meter 4.0 is nearly a complete rewrite of DU Meter. Here are some of the new and improved features:

  • Greatly improved user interface: All DU Meter windows and dialogs were re-worked, for better usability and aesthetics.
  • DU Meter mini mode: Quickly switch to mini mode to preserve your screen real estate.
  • Reduced latency and improved precision: In DU Meter 4.0, graph latency is reduced by 500ms in average. Also, DU Meter Stopwatch precision is enhanced.
  • Finer granularity of saved historic data: DU Meter 4.0 uses a real database engine, which allows for finer granularity of reports and alerts. Hourly network traffic reports are available.
  • Improved network traffic reports: DU Meter 4.0 has fully resizeable and sortable traffic reports, which can be exported to many different file formats (XML and Adobe PDF were added in this version, and reports in other formats have been improved too).
  • Charting capability: The DU Meter 4.0 reports module includes a customizable network traffic volume chart.
  • Periodic reports auto-generation: DU Meter can now generate reports automatically, either hourly, daily or monthly.
  • Greatly expanded alerts capability: long and short term, more traffic or less, incoming, outgoing or combined traffic, time span from seconds to month.
  • Receive alerts via e-mail: DU Meter 4.0 can deliver traffic volume alerts via email. Great for "set and forget" parental control.
  • Better selection of monitored network interfaces: Several network interfaces can be selected at once, full compatibility DU Meter Screenshots with IPv6 networks, and simplified selection of interfaces on Windows Vista, which defaults to all adapters but does not count the same traffic twice.
  • Full Windows Vista compatibility: DU Meter 4.0 is fully compatible with Windows Vista, including running under limited user account, and works correctly when User Account Control (UAC) is enabled.
  • Windows sidebar gadget: DU Meter 4.0 includes a gadget for Windows Sidebar (part of Windows Vista) which allows seamless integration with your desktop.
  • DU Meter system service: DU Meter 4.0 employs a Windows system service to collect network traffic statistics. Therefore it will work correctly even if nobody is using the computer, or when the DU Meter application is not running, or when several people are using the same computer at once.
  • Improved security model: When the user lacks administrative privileges, system-wide DU Meter settings cannot be changed. Therefore secure installation of DU Meter is possible, which, along with delivery of network traffic alerts, allows for unobtrusive and privacy-sensitive parental or management control.
  • Database management: Backup and restore data, or delete portions of the data stored in the DU Meter database.
  • Improved presentation: A color scheme which blends better with Windows XP or Vista desktop, including better use of screen real estate.
  • Better integration with other programs: The DU Meter engine can be used by other 3rd party programs, via COM interfaces.
  • Still light system resources usage: Despite all these improvements, DU Meter still takes very little system resources
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

No-nonsense upgrade policy

If you already have DU Meter 7.x license, all 7.x version upgrades are free. If you bought a DU Meter 6.x license later than December 1st, 2014, your serial number will be accepted by DU Meter 7. Otherwise you need to buy an upgrade, and you're entitled to a 50% discount from our current DU Meter price.

For more information, please visit the DU Meter upgrade web page.