DU Meter reviewed by FindMySoft.com

Written by Haim Gelfenbeyn Posted on 15 Feb 2012 Tags: dumeter, review
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Are you tired of the endless list of “software archive” web sites when you search for something on Google? I certainly am… These sites contribute nothing, just copy the same information over and over in vain hope of capturing a few clicks on their advertisemens. Fortunately, not all software archives are like this. The nice folks at FindMySoft.com actually use and review software that they list on their web site!

Here is what George Norman writes about DU Meter:

The application is very easy to use. The welcome wizard will guide you through the initial setup process of DU Meter, the interface is easy to use, the options and settings are not cryptic. There’s a DU Meter floating window, a taskbar band, and a Windows gadget. Alerts can be set up for when traffic exceeds a certain limit. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reports. There’s a stopwatch to monitor network traffic.

They even recorded a short video showing different options of DU Meter. Read the rest of this review at FindMysoft.com.